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Nobody Told Me! - Dr. Jim Taylor

Nobody Told Me! - Dr. Jim Taylor: ...How to Survive & Thrive When Bad Things Happen

Hosts Jan Black and Laura Owens speaks to Dr. Jim Taylor.

Dr. Jim Taylor is an internationally recognized expert in the psychology of critical performance. He is the author of 17 books, the latest is called How to Survive & Thrive When Bad Things Happen: 9 steps to cultivating an opportunity mindset in a crisis.

  • [1:08] – How do we define a crisis? We typically know what it feels like to have bad things happen, to be in a crisis, however, Dr. Taylor talks about the key aspects that make an event a crisis.

  • [2:09] – Dr. Taylor shares that it is difficult to prepare for a crisis, especially COVID-19, and describes that what we view as a crisis and start to understand how it affects us, the better chance we have at responding to a crisis in a positive way.

  • [3:18] – Dr. Taylor describes human evolution history and how human’s typical response to a crisis is a matter of fight-or-flight, surviving the crisis. However, in today’s age this is no longer a needed response to most crises that we are facing today.

  • [4:38] – Dr. Taylor explains that the COVID-19 crisis is not immediate, clear, or tangible. COVID-19 implications are hard to understand and could have a delayed effect we may see years later.

  • [5:20] – Dr. Taylor describes the ‘crisis mentality’ and how people split into two camps, people panicking or people denying COVID-19 is a problem.

  • [7:00] – People have the chance during this crisis for developing an opportunity mindset. Dr. Taylor details two steps that can help get through a crisis and become more positive.

  • [10:55] – Laura addresses the subject from Dr. Taylor’s recent blog post from Psychology Today found here. For those who have been dramatically affected by COVID-19, it can be tough to have an opportunity mindset. It is important that we seek out ways to connect to other people though appropriately distancing and the internet.

  • [13:29] – Dr. Taylor speaks about the psychology of knowing that we are not alone during COVID-19 and it is important to keep the perspective that this crisis will pass, however, keep the focus away from yourself.

  • [15:20] – Dr. Taylor addresses family tensions and dealing with the challenge of parenting during COVID-19.

  • [22:25] – Dr. Taylor talks to those athletes who may not be able to have their sports season this year and the importance of staying positive.

  • [24:35] – Dr. Taylor challenges us to use the COVID-19 time as an opportunity to change bad habits.

  • [26:44] – Dr. Taylor details ways we can help friends and family stay connected during COVID-19

  • [28:06] – Dr. Taylor sees that most people are not making major changes to their lives. He would like people to understand that we have an opportunity during this crisis to make our lives happier.

  • [29:39] – Nobody told Dr. Jim Taylor that we, as humans, do not have to fight or flee, but we need to put a crisis like COVID-19 into perspective.

  • [32:10] – Dr. Jim Taylor’s contact information.

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