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Greg McKeown: …if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will

Nobody Told Me! – Greg McKeown: …if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will

Hosts Jan Black and Laura Owens interview Greg McKeown.

Greg McKeown is a leadership and business strategist who is the author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

  • [1:20] – What is essentialism? Do you feel busy but not productive? Do you feel pulled in too many different directions?

  • [2:19] – What is the core mindset of an essentialist? Determine what is essential in your life.

  • [4:08] – Greg speaks on the effects of COVID-19 and how people view what is essential in life.

  • [7:11] – Jan asks Greg why we do not practice essentialism naturally. Greg states that success is the problem. When you have more opportunities, you want to do more to gain more success.

  • [14:24] – Greg performs an essentialism intervention with Laura. What are the trade-offs she sees in her life?

  • [16:26] – Greg describes the planning fallacy, that we, as humans, underestimate the amount of time tasks will take.

  • [17:55] – Laura and Greg talk through the mental hierarchy of tasks in Laura’s life. Is work more important in life or should exercise take priority?

  • [20:41] – Laura describes how COVID-19 has disrupted life and Greg walks with her to find more of a balance in life. She is finding that having less structure in her life is not beneficial.

  • [23:38] – Greg speaks about the effects of COVID-19 and how changes in a short amount of time are overwhelming.

  • [24:54] – Greg points out that Laura enjoyed the fact that she didn’t have to think about her exercise routine (cognitive strain) and the social aspect of working out in a group.

  • [27:23] – Greg talks about when finding your routine, you need to keep in mind if you are an introvert versus extrovert. How do you gather energy?

  • [30:06] – Greg speaks about not resting on personal will power. What makes essential tasks easy for you? How can you develop your routine?

  • [33:03] – If you are dragging in your daily routine, to complete the essentials then you don’t have a solution yet. Dragging through your tasks is not a sustainable way to gain success.

  • [34:18] – Greg and Laura talk about the loss of routine and developing ways to finding a new normal and building a new system.

  • [35:30] – Greg talks about the mistake some people make of trying to become an essentialist in a perfectionist way or the power-through approach when establishing a personal routine.

  • [36:58] – Greg speaks about having a checklist for your self-care, to protect your time and energy. If we don’t have a life that has a sustainable routine, we burn out and kill the asset that is ourselves.

  • [39:38] – Greg describes the three concentric circles to being an essentialist. The circles create a ripple effect where the center circle is to protect yourself and provide self-care, the next circle is your essential relationships, the last circle is everything that is considered “out there”.

  • [41:24] – Nobody Told Me! – Greg McKeown describes the birth of his child and how he had a client meeting shortly after the baby was born. He then realized that the meeting was not as essential as he thought it was. If you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.

  • [44:29] – Greg McKeown’s contact information.

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