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Nobody Told Me! - Kendra Adachi

Nobody Told Me! – Kendra Adachi: …that quitting is not failure

Hosts Jan Black and Laura Owens interview Kendra Adachi, founder of “The Lazy Genius” movement and author of the New York Times Bestselling book The Lazy Genius Way: Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t, and Get Stuff Done.

  • [1:41] – Kendra Adachi speaks about her background and how she exhausted herself by trying too hard with societal expectations.

  • [3:44] – What is the Lazy Genius Collective? It is a hub and community of people looking for a different way; they are looking for permission to do things that they want to do, and the tools to get things done.

  • [5:28] – Kendra talks about living in our season. It could be a struggle to share our lives with others because we don’t want to be disrespectful, and thus we downplay our emotions. She gives some guidance about connecting in our relationships.

  • [12:21] – Kendra speaks about one of her principals in her book, “Be kind to yourself.” She addresses that most of us do not speak kindly towards ourselves in our inner thoughts.

  • [14:29] – Another part of a principal is that we should not think of ourselves as better than others and to allow each person to have their voice and interests - don’t judge.

  • [19:03] – Kendra advises that we live in trauma with COVID-19, and we need to be kind towards ourselves. With the concept of ‘live in our season,’ this is an opportunity to learn and grow about ourselves and be considerate towards others.

  • [22:47] – Laura talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic forces us into a routine that is exactly the same, but utterly different day after day and how we need to be kind to ourselves and allow our plans to change as we adapt to the pandemic.

  • [26:42] – Kendra speaks about how the pandemic gives humanity permission to wait for what is coming next. The pandemic makes each of us feel like the rug will be pulled out from under us, so this is a time to wait, adapt to what comes, and be the most authentic versions of ourselves.

  • [31:36] – Kendra addresses the fact that we are on the fast track of learning as we adjust our lives around the changes that have happened with the pandemic.

  • [33:17] – Nobody Told Me! Kendra’s nobody told me is in college; you can drop a class if it is too hard. She learned from this that quitting or changing your mind isn’t actually a failure.

  • [36:06] – Kendra Adachi’s contact information.

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